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Autism & Fidget Toys

This community blog comes to us from... Anouk, also know as @autism_sketches on Instagram! Anouk has allowed us to share their beautiful illustrations. There were so many amazing sketches to choose from, but we settled on this... autism & fidget toys. Learn about how fidget toys are useful and why they should be allowed in school/work. We hope you enjoy these illustrations as much as we did!

Do you think fidget toys should be allowed at school/work? Let us know in the comments :)


Thank you so much for this visually beautiful blog Anouk! If you want see more from Anouk, check her out at:

Ko-Fi- @autismsketches

Instagram- @autism_sketches

Twitter- @autismsketches

We hope everyone who reads this has enjoyed it and learnt something new. Be sure to share with others in your life so they can learn more about autism.

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