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How to find the right nursery?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Nurseries play a major role in early childhood development. It helps prepare your child to take their first steps into a bigger world. As a parent, it is crucial to understand your autistic child’s needs and this means preparing your child as early as possible.


  • Why nurseries are important

  • Tips and help

Why nurseries are important

Many nurseries are well equipped and trained to teach your child with care and in the appropriate manner. Nurseries have a better understanding of what your child will need to learn and understand when moving into their next steps.

Tips and help

Finding the Right Nursery

There is no need to travel all over the country to find the perfect nursery. The UK is home to thousands of great nurseries that have been established for many years. It is best to look at the ones that are close by and observe the environment that your child might soon be in.

A great way to understand a good nursery is by talking to the owner or staff. Talk through your experiences and see the staff's response to understand if they are SEN friendly.

Empathetic Owners

The key will be the nursery manager or owner. If they’re not SEN-friendly, individual staff members, however exceptional, may find it impossible to give their talents free rein, particularly if SEN is just one of their job responsibilities.

What to Keep an Eye On

- Every nursery will have inspections that rate the level of skill the nursery will operate at. This is worth investigating with any nursery prior to engagement.

- Your child being comfortable is very important but you need to understand that there will be challenges your child will have to face and overcome. When looking at nurseries check suitable spaces. imagine your child in that environment and vision if they will have the ability to grow without hassle.

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