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How to find the right university and course for your child?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Universities in the UK are home to tens of thousands of courses with a massive range of options. Most students will base their choice depending on the topics they have enjoyed up until this point.


  • What’s the right course?

  • Finding the right university?

Choosing the right course

Most courses in university are not covered in lower education. Also in addition to this, each course will offer many tasks that you might not feel comfortable doing. It is best to research each course and see what they offer. For example:

- Are you expected to do presentations

- Is this a socially engaged course

- Can the information from the course be delivered virtually online?

- Can you have additional support throughout the course?

The best way to understand all these issues is to talk to the university support team. They know the course very well and will have the questions already answered.

If you do however like the sound of the course however it might offer challenges, don't rule it out straight away. There are thousands of courses each that will offer the same education just in different styles.

Understanding the right university?

Picking the right university can be hard. There are over 100 in the UK that offer different advantages. The best way to understand where you want to go is to narrow out your choices.

Do you want to live at home or move away?

You will have the option to move away from home if you so chose. You might want this to get a better understanding of what life will be like when you move away from home.

You also have the option to commute. If you do this you best want to be near a university that you can travel to daily.

Is the university SEN friendly?

Does the university have extracurricular activities or groups that are SEN-friendly? Does the university offer societies where you can make the most of your time? Talk with your family and find out what is best for you. You can find out all this information at the university's student services.

Does the university offer extra services?

Universities have had a long and clear understanding of autistic people’s needs. Some universities offer summer school where the campus will be quiet and more approachable for some that find social environments challenging.

What should I do?

In conclusion, it is best to fully research each university and understand what fits your needs the best. Look at what each place offers and rule out anything that might upset you. There are many to pick from that will suit your needs.

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