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Odd Asperger’s Symptoms You Don’t Know (3 Top)

Our next community blog comes to us from the talented content creator Daniel Jones, also known as @theaspieworld on Instagram. The Aspie World has sent us a blog that looks at some odd Asperger's characteristics you might not know about... this is a great read and very informative!

This blog has been inspired by this video (Thursday 7th Oct, 2021) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhqulB8hTuY

Before we begin, let’s address one thing.

People on the autism spectrum don’t use the word “symptoms”. If we did, it would imply that autism is curable.

Instead, people with Autism Spectrum Disorder often refer to these as traits or characteristics. Some people might also like to use the word quirks.

Whatever you call them, here are 3 super interesting Autism traits that you might not know about.

1. Using Senses More

People with ASD can have a heightened response to sensory stimuli.

For example, a particular word or noise could trigger someone with autism.

Similarly, certain smells could cause a meltdown for someone on the autism spectrum.

Neurotypical people may find these issues hard to relate to. But, it’s really important for them to be aware that people with autism may be affected by sensory stimuli in a different way.

2. Anxiously Snappy

There are certain situations that may be stressful for a person with ASD. It could be a public space where there’s a lot of noise or even a meeting room with lots of people.

In these situations, there may be social conventions that can be difficult for people with autism to understand and follow. This can result in a feeling of anxiousness.

In these scenarios, anxiety can build like a fire. The person with autism can start to feel on edge and might appear irritable or short-tempered.

This is like an internal alarm system for the person with autism. It’s time to take notice of what your triggers are so that you can take yourself out of that situation before a meltdown might occur.

3. Object Relationships

People on the autism spectrum can develop an affinity for things they own and objects around them.

They can develop an attachment towards these objects. It can make throwing things out really difficult.

It can be distressing and upsetting for the person to part ways with an object. For example, someone might struggle to discard old shoes.

This may appear to others as a hoarding habit. However these items and objects may be seen as a part of an important collection to the person with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Different thinkers…

Can you relate to any of these traits?

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We hope everyone who reads this has enjoyed it and learnt something new. Be sure to share with others in your life so they can learn about some Asperger's characteristics they might not know about.

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